Absolutely. You’re free to visit any licensed veterinarian, anywhere in the world—even specialists and emergency providers.

We offer nose-to-tail coverage for everything from acupuncture to anal glands to ACL tears.

Want coverage for the whole kitten ca-poodle? Our Whole Pet with WellnessSM plan covers accidents, illnesses and wellness care.

Looking for accident and illness coverage only? Check out our Major Medical plan.

Just want coverage for routine stuff like checkups and vaccinations? Our Pet Wellness plan has two levels to choose from.

Like all pet insurers, we don’t cover taxes, waste, grooming, boarding, or pre-existing conditions.

But unlike other pet insurers, we have plans that cover pretty much everything else. That includes hereditary and congenital conditions, wellness care, exam fees and much more.

Find a plan that covers what you’re looking for.

No. We think all decisions about your pet’s care should be between you and your veterinarian. With all our plans, you’re free to visit any vet and choose the course you feel is best for your pet.

Simply pay your veterinarian at the time of treatment and send us the invoice for reimbursement.

We offer two kinds of reimbursement so you can choose what works best for your budget.

Our Whole Pet with Wellness plan reimburses 90% of what you paid your veterinarian.* Our Major Medical plan and Pet Wellness plan reimburse according to a benefit schedule, which caps reimbursement at a set amount for each condition or service.

With all our plans, simply pay your veterinarian at the time of treatment, and then send us the invoice. We’ll send you a reimbursement check less any applicable deductible.**

* Items such as grooming, tax, waste disposal, boarding, or pre-existing conditions are not eligible for coverage. See policy documents for a complete list of exclusions.
** For eligible conditions.

Never. As long as your pet is enrolled before age 10 and you keep your policy continually in force (translation: don’t let it lapse or expire), we promise not to drop your pet. After all, we’re pet lovers, too!

The Whole Pet with Wellness and Major Medical plans have a 14-day waiting period once your application is approved and we receive payment.

Pet Wellness plan coverage begins 24 hours after your policy has been issued and we’ve received payment.

If you’re enrolling as part of a group or organization, effective dates vary.

File a claim in just two easy steps:

  1. Pay your veterinarian at the time of treatment.
  2. Send us your claim form along with your invoice(s).

We take it from there. We’ll process your claim and mail your reimbursement faster than a beagle can sniff out a treat!*

* For eligible conditions.

Absolutely. You can cancel anytime at or by letting us know in writing.

We even have a 100% money-back guarantee if you cancel within 10 days* of when your policy went into effect and we haven’t reimbursed you for any claims in that time.

If you decide to cancel later on, no problem—we’ll simply refund your unused premium.

* Terms may vary by state.