‘We’re ready for anything’ with Nationwide

From torn ACLs and cauliflower ear to heart conditions and cancer, Justin Miller has seen it all with his two dogs, Stella, a rescued boxer-bulldog, and Tank, a rescued Boston terrier.

That’s why Justin says getting pet insurance is a “no-brainer.”

“In looking forward with these two dogs and understanding that there will be more visits to the vet, that’s where I’m really grateful for having [pet insurance] and knowing that we’re ready for anything.”

Justin, Tank & Stella Miller
Raleigh, N.C.
Protected since 2011

Riley got a new leash on life

When marathoner Dari Passarello noticed that her golden retriever, Riley, had a slight limp, she never imagined that her favorite running partner would end up needing surgery for advanced arthritis—at the young age of 4.

Thanks to Nationwide, “the only thing I needed to focus on was getting my dog better,” says Dari. “It provides you with a level of comfort knowing that you’re going to be able to do the best that you can for your animal without cost being a consideration.”

Dari Passarello & Riley
New York, NY
Protected since 2006

Nationwide got Uni out of a sticky situation

Aron Schweitzer’s dog, Uni, loves to monkey around. But the champion Rhodesian ridgeback took it a step too far when she ate a bottle of Gorilla Glue right after dinner.

After an overnight stay at the emergency hospital, the glue-kibble mass made its way through her system, averting the need for surgery. Needless to say, Aron was glad Uni was covered.

“I guess unless you actually have an emergency with a dog or a cat you have no idea how expensive veterinary bills can be.”

Aron Schweitzer & Uni
Honolulu, HI
Protected since 2010

Pet insurance was ‘the best decision’

From bee stings to ACL injuries to running into a car (yes, you read that right), Misty, a South African boerboel, has become a familiar face at the veterinarian’s office.

That’s why Sean and Irene Krohn are glad they signed up for Nationwide pet insurance through Sean’s employer.

Sean says it was “the best decision I’ve made.” He adds with a laugh, “The insurance helped us not to have to get an extra job.”

Sean, Irene & Misty Krohn
Raleigh, N.C.
Protected since 2012

Trouble in paradise for Reggie

Soon after they relocated to Hawaii, Nicole Dumm’s French bulldog, Reggie, suddenly couldn’t keep food down. The health scare showed her just how important it is to have pet insurance.

“Honestly, if we didn’t have the pet insurance, I would have been hesitant [to do the tests and procedures], just because we couldn’t afford it,” she says.

Nicole is such a fan of pet insurance that she even recommends it to complete strangers.

“I recommend it 100 percent. They just cover so much that it gives you peace of mind.”

Nicole Dumm & Reggie
Kailua, HI
Protected since 2012