Routine pet care plans that give you cash back for the regular exams and preventive treatments your pet needs to stay healthy. Choose the amount of coverage that’s right for your dog or cat.
Pet Wellness wellness plus
wellness basic
One additional test:
(1)Health screen (blood test)
(2)Radiograph (X-rays) or
(3)Electrocardiogram (EKG)
One test per
policy term
One test per
policy term
Maximum annual benefit $500 $400
Physical exam:
Two exams per policy term
$30 max per exam
$25 max per exam
Behavioral exam and/or treatment $30 $30
Vaccination or titer $75 $50
Heartworm or FeLV/FIV test $35 $30
Fecal test $25 $15
Deworming $25 $25
Nail trim $20 $20
Microchip $40 $40
Health certificate $40 $40
Flea control or
heartworm prevention
$75 $50

Wellness plans are not available in all states.
*Premiums vary based on the species of the pet, plan type and state of residence.

To enroll in wellness coverage without a medical plan, please call (858) 245-1149.